Dirk Elijah spends time operating as, a writer, marketing coordinator, and podcaster.

Dirk Elijah spends time operating as a writer, marketing coordinator, and podcaster. He is an innovative communicator with experience writing compelling cross-channel copy for web content, newsletters, company/personal profiles and various advertising materials. Versed in a range of formats including but not limited to; social media, slogans, blogs, podcasts, and emails. He finds joy in the art of analyzing the movement of words and seeking what is essential to clearly communicate within our environment. Nearly everything he writes in his personal work contains some manner of humor — whether the topic is serious or jovial. Levity is a prime driver in acceptance when connecting with others and most importantly in seeing joy in our life and world. This predisposition has shown itself useful in every area of communication as it pushes him to look for different perspectives, providing greater clarity to any content.

If you want to communicate by written word, it may be addressed to dirkelijah@gmail.com or rattle those thoughts off into my ear when you dial (317) 205-5089. Maybe the thoughts in your head will play well with the thoughts in my head.